You see it all the time – in production there’s places where people try to cut corners in audio only to realize later how much their project suffers. Whether it’s a radio/podcast or YouTube vid, there are times when the audio mastering aren’t up to par. In advertising and in commercials, to convey a professional product it’s very important to get every aspect of production up to par. This is where radio imaging, shines. And while the term “radio” is clearly a distinct market of entertainment, focusing solely on sound, radio imaging doesn’t have to only stay in radio. In fact many use radio imaging as their top best secret to get their video promos that added edge, therefore capitalizing on a secret formula of sound and visuals to give a defined branding many brand ambassadors miss. A strong way for you to take your audio production to the next level is to use Radio Imaging.

For radio station’s, radio imaging is akin to the station’s logo – a signature identifier that enables the customer to easily remember one company vs the next. As radio is heard, the listener can instantly remember the station if the radio imaging is done effectively, the listener then can identify with the type of music or programming, and then be encouraged to return.
Radio imaging conveys an arsenal of info, including on-air vocals, sound affects and such including: bumpers, stingers and drops, radio sweepers, and intros & outros.

Bumpers – About 5-10 seconds in length, normally involves a voiceover accompanied to music to help move a program between segments. In example, when returning from a commercial break, or in moving move from one transition of a show to another such as leaving the intro to go to a music playlist or interview.

Stingers – Typically offer sound effects over words, allowing sampled music (1-3 seconds) played in the background to showcase a focus. Usually used best by DJ’s promoting a concert or event.

Drops – These are audio samples, typically sound bites from movies, TV, or songs.
Radio Sweeps – Averaging 20 secs or less, these are quick brief station identifiers and can help give a variation to the intro or outro .

Intros/Outros – This is a radio, podcast or even Youtube videos signature identifier. The intro introduces the start of a program, the outro does the same at the end, and both give a audio reminder of what the show is about and what the show will be doing going forward.

Radio imaging is a great service that you can use to identify and connect with your entire digital audience. From radio, to movie and event promos, YouTube, TV Shows, or podcasts, businesses to individual brands – everything – in digital media needs a strong voice and utilizing the tools Radio Imaging provides can help become your best kept secret when it comes to your digital media promotions.

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