Radio imaging is a composite effect of multiple audio disciplines ranging from varied on-air sound effects to a clear and succinct “voice” to help a brand build it’s identity, and market a particular audio sound bite, radio commercial or audio compliment to a video commercial. The total effect to the listener is a sound designed to help position a business or a brand focusing typically on marketing an event or product. Radio imaging’s marketplace is vast and can help identify a target market to respond depending on what is being promoted as the key focus. In the case of radio stations or podcast, different sounds are clearly used to display different types of audiences. This is all made to easily identify a particular market. In radio a unique sound can enhance programming formats between Country, Hip Hop, Adult Contemporary, Sports, News/Talk, Classic Rock, Oldies, etc. Signature sounds that involve a logo effect or a company’s mascot or motto can help enables listeners to instantaneously identify with a business, creating a brand awareness that can easily be anticipated the next time it’s played. With West Coast Media Network, we can give you the perfect sound to help you be a brand influencer for different target markets and create the right radio imaging to help provide a complete audio experience for your listeners.


The Audio / Radio Imaging we include:

  • voiceover
  • music beds
  • sweepers
  • intros
  • promos
  • liners
  • stingers
  • bumpers
  • sound effects: shotguns, etc
  • jingles
  • DJ promotions
  • podcast promotions
  • radio station identifiers
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